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In this podcast, Fred and his guests share life lessons that challenge paradigms and mindsets that hold us back. Fred’s guests comprise people who shift how we conceive what’s possible and those who have pushed their own boundaries. They include Olympians, Best-selling authors, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, and people with extraordinary stories and applicable lessons that we can all use to do more in life.

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2 days ago

Jeremy has experienced and conquered some of life's toughest challenges — both personally and professionally. He went into a routine surgery that led him to receive last rites from a priest and then a few years later his mom had a massive stroke which left her with permanent disabilities. With few listeners and below-average content, his first podcast, Rock Ur Life, failed. Determined to try again, he launched another podcast called The Create Your Own Life Show, which saw 10,000 listens in its first 30 days, which led to him speaking to many of his heroes and on stages globally, and now millions of downloads.   He is the author of the soon-to-be-released book, Unremarkable to Extraordinary, which details life lessons from the former CIA Director, Super Bowl Champions, Hall of Fame Athletes, and even a four-time Indianapolis 500 winner. He shares valuable lessons on this edition of the TIME with Fred Podcast.  

Saturday May 07, 2022

After a narcissistic partner cheated on her with multiple women and left her (and the country!) with over 350 thousand dollars worth of bad debt, Candice was forced to rebuild her life, her credit, and her trust in herself. She launched her podcast and shares her story so others can use it as their roadmaps. To learn more about her work, visit www.candicesmiley.com   ​  

Tuesday Apr 12, 2022

Robb has overcome homelessness, alcohol dependency, trauma, PTSD, and MDD and a whirlwind of events to become an expert in the addiction treatment world. Before Dr. Kelly succumbed to addiction and mental health issues, he played bass guitar at Abbey Studio with Queen, David Bowie, and Elton John. He is an accomplished musician, and the money he made helped him attend Oxford University to pursue a Ph.D. in Psychology. He experienced a spiritual awakening on the cold streets of Manchester while homeless and in dire straights. To learn more about Dr. Kelly and his work, visit https://robbkelly.com/

Friday Apr 08, 2022

In this week's episode of the TIME with Fred podcast, my special guest Sharon Costanzo, shares some practical communication tips we can all use to enhance our relationships. Sharon is a Relationship Coach and host of the Keep Talking Revolution podcast.

Friday Mar 18, 2022

How did she survive a divorce, bankruptcy, a car accident, being on welfare, multiple lay-offs to finding fulfillment in life?   Listen to this episode of the TIME with Fred podcast as my special guest, Denise Wester shares lessons that will inspire you.   To learn more about Denise, visit www.denisewester.com.

Friday Feb 18, 2022

In this edition of the TIME with Fred Podcast, my guest Jenny Beckford shares her story as a single mother of twin girls, and how the lessons she learned along life's journey, helped her discover her purpose in life. 

Friday Feb 04, 2022

In this Podcast, my special guest, Amy Gonzalez-Nelsen shares thoughts about what it really means to be brave. Amy describes herself as an Anxiety Warrior and Bravery Activator who uses her own experiences to teach and support others on the importance of validating and acknowledging bravery within ourselves.  To learn more about Amy and her work, visit www.braverybrigade.com

Saturday Jan 22, 2022

When he was diagnosed with last stage multiple myeloma in 1992, he was told by a leading cancer center that he would live a few months or two to three years at best. That was 29 years ago. In this episode of the TIME with Fred Podcast, Jim shares a powerful story of courage, hope, grit, and the unflinching support of his wife and 'Bond Girl,' Kathleen. He is also the author of the book, The man in the Arena: Surviving Multiple Myeloma since 1992. Jim has shared his story over 300 times around the world and I am honored to have him as my special guest. This special episode is dedicated to Francis Agozo, who passed away from Multiple Myeloma in August 2021.

Friday Jan 07, 2022

Messy and complicated are a couple of words he uses to describe his life. My special guest on today’s podcast was not only born blind. He had a few other disabilities as well. Because of this, people told him he would never accomplish much in life. Yet, he went on to defy the odds and graduated with his law degree.He also started peacesofme.org, a nonprofit to help others with disabilities overcome the obstacles that keep them from reaching their potential.

Saturday Dec 11, 2021

Fired, robbed, divorced, and with two businesses down the drain, my guest, Chris Patrick, was stuck on a one-way street of screw-ups and failures.   This life wasn’t what he wanted—but sometimes, not getting what you want is exactly what you need. Amazing opportunities lie on the other side of adversity—if you do the dirty work and dig through defeat.   Refreshingly candid, my guest, Chris shares how to build triumph on the foundation of failure—then transform your disasters into dreams.   To learn more about Chris, visit his website at www.chrispatrick.net    



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