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In this podcast, Fred and his guests share life lessons that challenge paradigms and mindsets that hold us back. Fred’s guests comprise people who shift how we conceive what’s possible and those who have pushed their own boundaries. They include Olympians, Best-selling authors, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, and people with extraordinary stories and applicable lessons that we can all use to do more in life.

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5 days ago

Drawing from his personal experience, my special guest, Todd Nyholm shares valuable lessons on the relationship between the mind and body. He discusses why it is important to make courageous decisions, why we need to be careful who we let into our 'inner circle,' amongst others. Todd is a Somatic Therapist who, through personal experience, has discovered the undeniable relationship between mind and body.  To learn more about Todd, visit www.nytality.com

Friday Nov 19, 2021

In this episode, Rob White shares some great lessons from his latest book, The Maestro Monologue, on how we can handle the saboteur voices in our heads. We discuss: How the word "no" became an unwanted mental houseguest for you at a young age, and how to again rediscover your limitless potential. How to get to know the most authentic part of yourself once more with a child-like curiosity, and why it's so important. Why the failures of the past are so quick to dismantle our dreams for the future, and how to escape from this common trap. Rob White is an international best-selling author and intriguing philosopher. He has over 30 years of experience helping others to accurately under-stand themselves and their remarkable resources, so they might realize theirdreams. Learn more and follow his blog at: robwhitemedia.com.

Saturday Nov 13, 2021

In this Masterclass edition of the TIME with Fred podcast, motivational speaker, Jeff Smith shares valuable lessons on what sets successful people apart from others. Born in the United Kingdom, Jeff spends a great deal of his personal time working with Charites. After attaining his pilot’s license, he joined the aviation charity, Civil Air Patrol where he donates his time and his aircraft completely free of charge. He has risen to become CEO of England and Wales with this charity and during his tenure, he’s forged associations with other charities and his leadership saw many important missions that otherwise could not have been achieved.  Jeff is affectionately known as “The KPI Guy” because he’s written 7 international #1 best-selling books on KPI and Business Management and is on record as the most successful author in history on the subject. Throughout his career, he’s worked with and is trusted by Royal families, Governments of different countries, and Senior Executives in the largest companies in the world. To learn more about Jeff, visit: https://jeff-smith.com  

Saturday Nov 06, 2021

Each of us is born with a calling. We all want growth, happiness, and freedom. That yearning is the driving force behind everything we say, do, and think. Yet, why do we settle for what is "okay?" Listen as my guest-- author, and speaker, Dieter Randolph challenges us to think way past 'okay.' To learn more about Dieter, visit his website at: www.https://www.waypastokay.com

Sunday Oct 31, 2021

Teen suicide is a growing health concern. It is the second-leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 24, surpassed only by accidents, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. What are some of the causes of teen suicide? What are some of the essential skills needed to prevent teen suicide? Are there warning signs we should pay attention to? Listen to the discussion as my special guest, Jackie Simmons, shares great insights about teen suicide prevention, and why it matters more now than ever. To learn more about Jackie’s work, visit: www.teensuicidepreventionsociety.com

Saturday Oct 23, 2021

Saboteur voices. We all have them. Whether they are the voices that tell us we are not good enough, or the voices that make us judgmental of others. How do you identify your saboteur voices, and how do you arrest them? In this episode, I am joined by Jenny Toh, from Singapore, who shares her story about how she gave up her legal career to pursue her calling of being a certified life coach. Listen to how she dealt with her saboteur voices along this journey. To learn more about Jenny and her work, visit: www.riverlifecoaching.com To identify your saboteurs, take this free assessment at: www.positiveintelligence.com  

Friday Oct 22, 2021

In her powerful life story she calls 38 DDD, my guest, Micheala Cox shares her about dealing with the disability of being born blind, divorce, and the death of her husband. She also talks about how she finds the strength to deal with the associated struggles.

Friday Oct 15, 2021

At first, she was told the only thing she could become in life was a roofer. Then she became a single mom with $135,000 in debt. Thankfully she did not believe the experts. She ended up becoming an entrepreneur who sold her business for millions to Bill Gates. Listen to Beate as she shares her story and the lessons that helped her get unstuck. She talks about challenging the status quo, coming to a place of surrender, and daring to be courageous. To learn about Beate and the work she does, visit www.beatechelette.com

Saturday Oct 02, 2021

What is the difference between Joy and Happiness? How do we find true contentment in life? What is radical gratitude, and how can we make this a part of our lives? Listen to this podcast as my guest, Eric Mac, and I discuss what it means to have true joy. To learn about Erin and her work, visit www.eric-mac.com  

Sunday Sep 26, 2021

What does it mean to leave a true legacy? What will you be remembered for, when you are no longer here? These are a few of the questions we discuss in this episode of the TIME with Fred Podcast. My special guest is Rob Cook, Wealth Management Consultant, and host of the Contenders Wanted Podcast.



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